About Kate McDermott’s Newsletter

WHO: I am a semi-retired homemaker, former PR professional, lifelong musician and late blooming writer who seems to have a better track record with dogs and kids than wuzbands. I have written three best selling and critically acclaimed cookbooks with personal narrative essays including Art of the Pie: A Practical Guide to Crusts, Fillings and Life (2016) which received a James Beard Nomination. I teach baking workshops in person and virtually, and coach and mentor writers, teachers, and Substack newbies.

WHAT: I write of thoughts on my walks with my beloved German Shepherd Gretapie (GP for short), my garden and apple orchard, thoughts about aging gracefully, and for paid subscribers some recipes I like to cook and bake. On occasion there are guest posts. One of my favorite memories is of planting sweet peas with my mom. I must write about that.

WHEN: I post two times a week but on occasion, when life intervenes, it may be only once.

WHERE: As a subscriber, my newsletter posts will pop right into your email Inbox and you will also find a full archive of past newsletters online.

WHY: As an elder-crone-wise woman, or whatever you want to call one who has stopped caring about wrinkles and silver hair, I feel it is important to pass on as much information as I can about what I have learned…including cooking, baking, gardening, chickens and…life.

I would be honored to have you join me on this journey because the hokey-pokey is what’s it’s all about.


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Me at three in a clown suit.

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